Really odd and weird stuff

Here’s some things I found just bizarre, stupid, weird or odd…

  • Man changes name to something stupid like ‘Zune Guy’ then gets upset that Microsoft did not fly him to Redmond and goes and buys an iPod.  What?  I like the Zune quite a bit, but not enough to have it TATTOOED on my body or change my name.  Go here and check out the first story about him changing his name, then go here to read about how he is ‘disillusioned’ with Microsoft.  Hey dude, IT’S A MUSIC PLAYER!
  • Farting cows are now the target of those claiming the flatulent cows are contributing greatly to the global warming problem.  Politics and argument over global warming aside, this is kind of like saying your neighbors ten year old kid is flooding your backyard because he takes a leak by the tree every day.  This story tries to enlighten it’s readers as to why the farting cows are being targeted, but the real issue is not the cows, the gas or even the loss of trees for the clearing of land to raise more farting cows.  No, this is an insidious plot to keep you from enjoying that nice, hot, juicy cheeseburger!  I report, you decide.
  • The Los Angeles city council has decided that Burger King and Wendy’s is bad for a half million ‘low income’ residents and has passed an ordinance banning the construction of new fast food restaurants for a year.  Huh?  With all of the other issues it faces, Los Angeles has decided to waste it’s time drafting, debating and passing such an ordinance?  Sooo…things like crime and education are not as important as a nice, hot, juicy cheeseburger?  Must be the same folks who want free the world of farting cows.  Anyway, the ordinance has not yet been signed by the mayor…but probably will be.  You can read more here.
  • This one is nearly as tragic and stupid as the DMCA: in Canada, you cannot ‘tivo’ something legally.  You cannot photocopy that newspaper story for presentation in your six year old’s class.  A new Canadian law, Bill C-61, proposes to remedy some of this by allowing one copy of something and giving Canadians the ability to record television and radio for future use.  Problem is, there is also a DMCA like clause that pretty much nullifies the rights you otherwise would have gotten.  Huh?  So, copying that ‘protected’ CD, which SHOULD be legal under the new law, would be a crime because the disc is protected and you’ve circumvented that protection.  How STUPID is this mess?  Makes my head swim.  These draconian laws are seriously flawed.  And they are spreading, worse than the farts from the cows. 
  • This really odd house-a tree house-needs to be seen.  I guess it’s owner was just hanging around the forest one day and said ‘gee, that’s a good spot for a home’ and built the sphere in the trees.  I kid, of course. The sphere is actually part of a resort in the UK and you can purchase one for about 2500 dollars, unfurnished.  Aside from just being really odd, they are actually quite cozy inside, at least, judging from the photos.  Astounding.

That’s all the weirdness for now.  I’m there’s plenty more, but I’m lazy today.


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