Brickyard 10 x 6

The second biggest NASCAR event of the season was supposed to have been run yesterday (Sunday, July 27, 2008) instead, we got about six, 10 or 11 lap sprint races after the first 40 laps were run.  Goodyear, as has been too common this year, brought a bad tire to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400.  After 8 to 10 laps, the right side tires would begin to disintegrate.  NASCAR and Goodyear knew about the problem and Goodyear brought in it’s supply of tires for next weeks Pocono race.  The notion being was that if the teams ran out of Indy tires, they could bolt on the Pocono tires.  Why would they run out?  Well, NASCAR started issuing the yellow flag every 10 to 11 laps.  Once they started doing that, they should have at least tried the Pocono tire.  The Pocono tire might have started to put rubber down and at least allow them to run more than 11 laps at a time. 

The problem was that the track is grooved. In  previous years, enough rubber would be laid down that the grooves would have filled in and reduced tire wear.  For what ever reason, that was not happening this time.  NASCAR and the teams figure it out early on in the weekend.  Instead of trying the other tire, NASCAR played it out as if nothing was different.  NASCAR then tried to manage the already bad situation with the caution flag.

The ‘show’ was abysmal.  If I were a first time viewer, I’d have turned it off and wondered what the fuss was over this NASCAR thing.  I’m afraid they lost a lot fans and would be fans.  They certainly did not gain any, that’s for sure.  Sprint races are great on Saturday nights at your local dirt track.  They have no business in what is supposed to be ‘the big leagues.’  NASCAR should be ashamed and royally peeved at Goodyear.  ESPN should demand a portion of it’s fee back.  The advertisers should ask for a refund.  The drivers should all get first place points—that’s how ridiculous it was.


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