The Simpson’s movie

Yeah, I am way behind the times on this one.  I just saw this movie.  What a funny freaking movie!!  I have not watched this show, on a regular basis, for years. I’ve watched it every now and then, but not on any kind of schedule.  I’m also not a huge fan.  Having a child around the house has made me much more aware of what I watch.  For some stupid reason, I’ve always thought the Simpson’s was not appropriate.  Know what?  It really is not inappropriate.  In fact, I think it is a great show for a family to watch together. Yes, it depicts a dysfunctional family, a father whose parenting skills is in question, a baby that never ages and a little boy who gets into a lot of trouble.  Thing is, at the end of the day, they are a family that is together, loves each other and are happy with each other.  What better message is there than that?  Watching it as a family-and making sure the young ones understand it is all fiction-is a wonderful way to spend time together and bond with each other.  It is a great way to unwind and just have some laughs before bedtime.  I think it is perfectly fine.

The movie itself is full of wacky situations, a lot of one liners, many pop culture references (which will go over most of the kid’s heads) and also several messages (like the environment and family priority) that just smack you in the face.  Homer, of course, is responsible for getting Springfield trapped in a dome by a power hungry EPA director.  Arnold Schwartzenegger is President and is depicted in a very unfavorable light. I guess his Hollywood star is dimming these days.  Homer is, of course, also the unwitting hero by…well, see the movie.  My son and wife-mostly my son-were laughing so much-as I was. My wife did not appreciate the movie nearly as much as my son and myself.  Must be a guy thing.


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