News Nybbles

For the week ending 07/25/2008 – in no particular order

  • Microsoft’s Platforms and Services Division president is leaving for Juniper Networks.  Kevin Johnson’s exit is also resulting in another reorganization at Microsoft. In a recent memo to employees, Steve Ballmer outlined the new structure, with the Windows and Windows Live products forming one group and the online services another group.
  • Microsoft is funding the Apache project.  In an effort to play nice with the open source world, pay Apache administrators and staff and, perhaps, get some technology for it’s own use, Microsoft is sponsoring the project now.  Read more here.
  • Apple’s MobileMe disservice.  Apple continues to get black eyes over it’s MobileMe service.  David Pogue, a normally supportive person of all things Apple, recently posted on his blog his disappointment with Apple’s handling of the issues that are still surrounding the MobileMe service.  In his post, he recalls several emails sent to him about the problems, the worst of them being a young lady who lost thousands of emails of which only 43 were recovered. Pogue is amazed at the very un-Apple like response from Apple.  I suggest David try Microsoft’s Live Mesh-it’s in beta, but it works.
  • Comcast, a company with a not-so great image, is talking back to it’s customer-in a positive way.  This story tells how Comcast is using the Internet and responding to customer concerns and complaints that they post to services and blogs.  I personally can confirm this after posting about my experience with one of my computers apparently sending out a large volume of mail (I still have not determined which one.)  To my surprise, someone from Comcast responded to my post and explained what happened, what they did and why.  I think this is great and am very glad to see them do this and hope other companies follow the practice.
  • The Pittsburgh Cancer Institute says prolonged cell phone use causes cancer.  Even though no study has proven the claim, the director of the institute says otherwise.  You can read and laugh about it here.
  • Nintendo is working on mass storage for the Wii.  Why didn’t they do this at launch?  This thing ships with a paltry 512mb of storage.  With Virtual Console, many system updates, game saves AND WiiWare, they HAD to know that that 512mb would quickly fill up.  I guess they were just too busy counting the money.
  • A positive MSNBC story about the economy…but just barely.
  • Tony Stewart confirms his car number and sponsors.  The 2009 NASCAR season will see the debut of the number 14 Office Depot/Old Spice car driven by Tony Stewart.  Stewart also confirmed that he will only field two cars and not three next season. He has not yet given any details on the second team.

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