Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door mini-review by Chase

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (mini)Review

By Chase

I shall rate on a scale of 1-7, the number of Crystal Stars.

Paper Marion Cover Graphics: 7
I think these are much better than the first Paper Mario’s graphics. For one, there’s more detail on walls and things, such as rotting paint. Things look more 3D, but still in paper form. In my Review of Paper Mario 1, I said some things were 3D while others weren’t. I think if you’re gonna make some things 3D then everything should be 3D. They did that in this one. Much better than the original.

Plot: 5
Better than the original. In this one, a robot called Grodus kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to the moon. Why’d he kidnap her? I won’t say, because then I’ll reveal TOO much. But it’s good. Anyway, Bowser goes on his own adventure to kidnap Princess Peach for himself and to find the Crystal Stars, but always comes up short.

Characters: 7
There are tons of characters in this game. There’s the usual 3, Mario, Peach, and Bowser, but there are new ones like Grodus, Darkley, and Don Pianta. Grodus has his idiot assistant, Lord Crump, doing a lot of dirty work. The Shadow Sirens also appear fairly often. The bosses are also brand new. You’ll meet Bowser and fight him early on, and you’ll fight him and Kammy Koopa (remember her?) at the end.

Battle System: 6 1/2
What can I say? It’s nearly the same as before. Select a command and press A. That’s it. Simple. The reason I took off half a point is because timed hits are harder to pull off than before. But really, it’s the same as before.

Items: 7
The items are pretty much the same as before. There are new ones, however, like the Softener, which reduces an enemy’s defense. You’ve also got the Courage Shell, which boosts YOUR defense. But one thing I forgot is that in the original, along with this one, there is a badge system. Basically, you equip the badges you want and PRESTO! You get a special power. But you need a certain amount of Badge Points to equip certain badges.

Difficulty: 5
Now, I think this Paper Mario is MUCH harder than the first. I’ve had this game since it came out (2004), and I STILL haven’t beaten it. I’ve reached the final boss, but I can’t beat it. There are a lot of hard enemies wandering around, and there are some challenging bosses early on. This is one of the harder games I’ve played.

Fun Factor!: 4 3/4
The game is fun to me, but the difficulty takes a lot off. I’ve had the game so long and I still can’t beat the last boss, plus all the cutscenes just to get to the fight annoy me so much I took quite a few points.

Overall: 6 1/2
Very good game, I just get frustrated so easily. You should get this game if you’ve got a Wii or a GameCube. It’s also very fun to replay, I just hate the difficulty of the last boss SO MUCH I took off plenty of points.


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