E3 is here again

It may be smaller than in the past, but it’s influence and the excitement around it is as big as ever.  It is also one of the few times that G4 TV really shines.  They did a nice job covering Microsoft’s keynote today as well as presenting a nice wrap up show of the day’s events.  new-xbox-experience-e3_keynote_community

Among the announcements made was a bombshell for Sony:  the Final Fantasy franchise is going multi console again.  The latest release was to be a PS3 exclusive but it was announced for the XBOX, day and date with PS3. PS3 needs a blockbuster of it’s own or things will look awfully bad for them.

new-xbox-experience-e3_keynote_myxbox Microsoft also announced a revamping of the dashboard.  The blades are going away as the primary interface to be replaced with something  that kind of looks  like a cross between the PS3 scrolling menu and Apple’s CoverFlow.  Called XBOX Experience, the new interface is attractive, if a bit boring.  They have introduced the Wii’s Mii’s only they call them AVATARS.  You can customize them much the same way as on the Wii.  There is even the Wii’s Mii plaza where you can invite your friends.

Microsoft also announced new content partners in NBC Universal and Netflix.

All in all, Microsoft is off to a great start at E3.


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