News Nybbles for July 14, 2008

Item’s that caught my eye, in no particular order:

  • Yahoo rejects Microsoft…again.  This time, however, Yahoo! wants Microsoft to buy the whole company instead of the search portion of the site.  Ugh.  Read about it here.
  • Apple released the iPhone 2, iPhone 2.0 update, iPod Touch 2.0 update and MobileME was rolled out.  All did not go smoothly, however.  Apple experienced activation server overload, resulting in a few bricked iPhones and quite a bit of headaches for customers. The MobileME roll out had some issues as well.  Go here to read all of the sordid details.
  • Microsoft has officially ended all support for …(drum roll)… Windows 3.11!  Yes, that’s right, Windows 3.11 is officially dead.  Oh, wait. NO, it is not.  But will be soon.  November 1, 2008 is the official end of life of Windows 3.11.  And people were crying over XP!  Wow.  More on this late breaking news here.
  • Starbucks discontinued the Almond flavoring!  Another sign of the chain going the tubes.  Where’s the outrage? Almond was one of the most popular flavors. Not news, but it ticks me off.
  • Water found inside moon rock samples. NASA confirmed findings that water was found in some of the volcanic glass beads.  The astonishing news will definitely give scientists quite a bit to chew on for quite some time.  Read about it here.
  • Apple rolls out the App Store for iPhone. Over 500 applications initially.  Reviews are mostly positive.  Super Monkey Ball a hit (I’ve seen many reviews, including this one.)
  • InBev slurps up Budweiser. BREAKING! The $50 Billion deal still needs all of the normal red tape approval but appears to be on it’s way to a done deal. Read the sad news here.  I wonder what this will do to the theme park business Busch owns.  How many people are going to get hurt in this deal?

One thought on “News Nybbles for July 14, 2008

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