Another anti-Vista/Microsoft post from C|Net

Sigh.  Just when I thought that C|Net had turned a corner, they prove me wrong.  This post, from C|Net’s Ina Fried, complains that Microsoft was putting up a new web site to tout Vista compatibility.  Apparently, she was told by someone at Microsoft that the BETA version of the site would be up this past Tuesday.  It did not go up.  As of today (July 10) it still is not up.  In her post, Fried complains that the site was not up.  She says:

“However, the online tool is off to a rough start as well. It was supposed to be publicly available in beta form starting this morning.”


“I’ll let that speak for itself.”

Really? So, let’s recap…she is upset that a BETA site was not up when someone supposedly told her it would be AND she compares that to the alleged failure of Vista?  Please.  This single post has destroyed any credibility she had as far as I am concerned.  This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read in quite a while.  Oh wait, no that would be the many posts from so-called ‘experts’ who rail against both Microsoft and Apple because they have the audacity to want to make money from the fruits of their labor.  How dare them.

(The comments on Fried’s post are very amusing.  You should check them out if you want a good laugh.)


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