Windows 2 Apples Video News

Just a quick reminder about the new Windows 2 Apples Video News podcast.  The podcast features posts from this blog as well as from Windows 2 Apples.   Windows 2 Apples is a great podcast that features one person’s use of both Windows and the Macintosh.  Sam, the host, does a nice job balancing the two worlds and being fair in his posts and shows when comparing the two platforms or simply talking about a feature or product on the two platforms. 

The Video News podcast features an animated host that serves as the anchor person for the news program.  In episode 28 of the Windows 2 Apples podcast, Sam talks about how he puts the new show together.  It’s pretty cool stuff.

You can subscribe to Video News here and Windows 2 Apples here.  Both are available via iTunes as well.  And, as a bonus, the video podcast plays very nicely on the Zune.

Windows2Apples Video News web page


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