Vista users are stupid…according to Computerworld columnist

Yep.  This column from Computerworld columnist Steven J Vaughn-Nichols, contends that using Vista is just stupid and XP is SOOOOO much better. His rant does not bother to justify why using Vista is stupid-or even what’s wrong with Vista-just that using it is stupid.  He argues that downgrading-and it is a HUGE downgrade-to XP is the right thing to do.  Why? Don’t know…he gives no real answer.  I can understand corporations doing that due to a plethora of reasons, not limited to just software issues. 

The only thing close to argument he presents in the column is performance. Yes, we all know XP runs faster than Vista on new hardware.  I’ll bet that Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and NT all run faster on that new hardware.  Hell, I’ll wager that Windows 2.1 does too.  Point is, older software generally performs much better on new hardware than most new software would. No surprise there.  All four of my Vista machines perform very, very well.  The only issue I have is filecopy to and from SD cards (are ya listening, Microsoft?) 

Reading through the comments to Mr. Vaughn-Nichols’ post shows that plenty of readers do not agree with his position.  I’m seeing more and more people actually defending Vista.  It’s about time.


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