Two trains on the Chariot? Photoshop? No!

Look carefully…

I shot this photo at Busch Gardens just a few days ago.  They do run multiple trains, but not this close together.  How did I do this?  Well, my Nikon D40x can take photos very quickly.  I took six in quick succession and then used Microsoft’s Live Photo Gallery to stitch them together.  This photo is the cropped results of that stitching.  The whole photo is  below.  Live Photo Gallery is a terrific tool to view, LiveGallerymanage and do small edits to your  photo’s.  Of course, it does not replace a ‘true’ photo management/work flow tool, but for normal people-like me-it is sufficient.

How to Stitch

Of course, the first thing you’ll need would be photos.  Select your photos by hovering over the photo and  clicking in the box just above the photo to place a check there. Once you have all of the photos selected, click MAKE, then select Create Panoramic Photo.  Depending on how many photos you selected, and the complexity of the stitch, it could take a few LiveGallery2 minutes to compose the new composite photo.  If the photos were taken close together, the results can be quite impressive. Try experimenting.  You can stitch vertically or horizontally or, as in the Apollo’s Chariot, a combination of both.  Unexpected things can be the result.  The only limitation is … well, there isn’t one.


Live Photo Gallery is free and available for Windows XP or Vista and you can get it here.


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