Rant of the day

Ok, have people gotten completely ignorant with the advent of the Internet?  I’m constantly getting mail, instant messages (when I run Messenger, which is not very often these days) forum postings, etc. just full of poor spelling and grammar.  The grammar part I can overlook since it has become so bastardized in everyday life but the spelling just drives me nuts.  What the hell is ‘UR’? Here in Richmond, Virginia, that means ‘University of Richmond’ and that’s what I think of when I see it.  In reality, it’s “your”. How freaking ignorant is that?  What the hell is wrong with adding the other two letters and looking intelligent?  I generally stop reading at the first ‘UR’ I see.  If you are too darn lazy to spell it out, then you probably do not have anything worth reading.  Texting has made people lazy and, it seems, dumber.  Now, don’t get me wrong. We all make spelling mistakes from time to time.  I sure do.  I have an issue with reversing certain letters.  When I spot them, I correct them.  And thank goodness for spell check.  BUT….intentional misspelling is just stupid and really makes the person doing so look really ignorant. 

End rant.


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