Playstation 2 – How have I missed this?

So, in a moment of weakness, I bought a new Sony Playstation 2.  For years, we’ve been a Nintendo home.  We’ve had every Nintendo console since the original except for the Super Nintendo.  Since we have a child, we’ve been real careful about the material that comes into the house, including games.  Since Nintendo has always been a family friendly console maker and games producer, I’ve always avoided the other consoles.  Lately, I’ve been wanting an XBOX—not the new-ish 360, but the original. They are cheap ($59 used, at Gamestop) and cheap games (ninety-nine cents to under ten bucks) plus a huge hacker scene, I figured it would be a good buy for myself, not my child.  (My wife says she has two children.)  However, I realized that new games are still being made for the PS2, which is a cheap console itself: $129 new, anywhere.  Since I am a NASCAR fan, and the new NASCAR game is NOT available for the Wii, but it is available on the PS2, I bought the console and the game.  A trip to Gamestop yielded five more games for under twenty dollars, including a Star Trek game, another NASCAR game and a Splinter Cell game.  I picked up Them Park Roller Coaster for my son.  I started playing the NASCAR 09 game and was amazed at how fresh the console still seems.  I’ve had PS1 for years, but we don’t play it much since the graphics are just horrible and it is not overly suitable for kids.  Yes, I know that contradicts what I said earlier, but the PS1 was a gift from my Dad.  I have the bolt on screen for it as well. I’ve used it more as a portable monitor/cd player than to play games.  Back to the PS2.  This little (and it is small) device is much better than I ever gave Sony credit for making.  I can fully understand why they sold millions of them.  I now find myself wondering if the PS3 is as bad as it has been portrayed…kind of like Vista.  I love Vista.  Maybe I would PS3 as well.  It is still way too much money, so I won’t find out until PS4 comes out and PS3 is $99.  My concern now is that I will go overboard with buying games.  At just a couple of dollars each, it could be very easy to lay down thirty, forty or even fifty dollars buying those ‘cheap’ games.  I’m still a Nintendo fan boy, but I’m expanding my horizons.


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