Double standard, take thirty: Mac OS X trojan’s in the wild

Yes, that’s right.  There are a couple of virus/trojans out in the wild that are targeting Mac OS X.  I’m not going into details, you can find them here, but suffice it to say that they require human action in order to work.  Just like 99% of Windows virus/trojans/etc.  You know, the same thing that many Mac/Linux fans just eat up when they hit Windows.  It’s a huge deal, and Windows users are stupid for using the operating system.  Now we have it hitting the Mac OS and the Mac fans are, naturally, downplaying.  “Well you gotta do this in order to get it.  We are safe.”  Huh?  On Windows, they’d be blasting it to death.  On Mac, it’s nothing.  While it is true that you have have do something like downloading a file to get attacked, they should be treating this much more seriously than they are. 

The intent of this post is not to point and laugh or to reciprocate for once (though it is tempting.)  The intent is really to point out the Mac OS X is not any more safe than Windows.  People can be tricked, no matter what kind of computer they use.  Without proper safeguards and just plain common sense, ANYONE is fair game for attack.  The years of false security will one day, and I suspect very soon, really bite Mac users.  Vista, like it or not, is probably more secure, at the moment, than OS X simply because of the UAC. Even so, if you ignore the warning and allow something to run that you do not know anything about, even UAC won’t save you. 

Due diligence will go a long way.

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